Clear Bra Installation

Clear Bra paint protection filmNot all Clear Bras are Created Equal

It’s important to know why.

We have seen many Clear Bras that have been installed by other deals fail over the last 13 years at MidAmerica Tint.

Many of the times we have seen these Clear Bra Dealers fail is due to lack of training and not investing in the proper equipment and product inventory.  In many cases when you get  Certified installers; they get their “certification” by buying it through a company, and not actually going thru the training to earn it.  Our team has seen far too many vehicles throughout time, and on a weekly basis, with extremely poor installations that have cut and damaged the paint.  These types of issues with many installs are what you can expect to see from 97% of dealers.   Like all things in life it takes repetition over years of experience in doing installations to gain the expert skillset set needed to provide high quality paint protection installations.

Many dealers and installers are adding this clear bras to an existing service they currently provide.  As with most add-ons, they do not get the attention to detail and skills needed to provide the best service.

 To our knowledge, we have found no other dealer in the midwest with our knowledge, skillset, and experience with installing clear bras.  When you come to our office we explain the difference in the films, installation techniques used and what you need to know about the process and after care.  Like many things automotive industry related, there is no such thing as getting a simple quote.  A quote from MidAmerica Tint is customized to your vehicle, your needs, and the different film installed.  We try to put everything in the simplest of terms so to your  understanding and make sure you know what you’re getting quoted on.  Our experience of clear bra installations has allowed us to understand the film and labor requirements needed to you get an accurate quote in minutes.  No computer or call back needed.

MidAmerica Tint starts hoods on most car models at 24″; instead of 12” or 18″ that many other dealers start at.  Wrapped hood and fender edges are standard to keep your vehicle protected.  This is something that is a requirement at our shop; you do not have to request it nor do we add a fee for this.  Having multiple options for patterns allows us to give as few seams as possible.  Many kits just don’t fit well for certain makes and models or make sense.  We specialize in custom clear bra and tint work for this very reason.  If there is no kit for your type of vehicle or something that is a missing puzzle piece and a mess, it gets taken care of customized by our specialists.  This allows us to provide a service that no other dealer provides.

 Many times we get vehicles in that need special care and protection before the film can be applied.  We have our certified specialist inspect every panel being covered to insure there will be no problems later. Our prep process of your vehicle before we apply the film is very detailed and thorough. If there is an area of concern on your vehicle we find; you are notified and a solution discussed rather than you just getting an unexpected bill.  Our team will not rush into putting film on any vehicle just to get it finished if a problem or issue can be fixed beforehand.  We provide light polishing when needed because we care, and you can be assured that it will be done correctly.  We have seen many installations with flaws in the paint under the film.  I have had many of our customers tell me they were told the film will hide it.  The truth of the matter is the film will actually magnify most flaws, and that is why we have had to fix these installations for countless amount of customers.  The flaws tend to show up 2-5 days later when the film is cured out.  I’m sure this isn’t good enough for you, as it is not good enough for us!

Some of the Benefits of Our Paint Protection Film or Clear Bras.

  • Virtually Invisible, superior clarity allows your vehicle’s vivid color to shine through.
  • 10 Year warranty against peeling, yellowing, cracking and staining with Llumar Platinum Paint Protection Film.
  • No special products needed for care.
  • Most stain resistant films available.
  • Virtually maintenance free.

 MidAmerica Tint is a Certified installer and dealer for our Llumar Platinum Paint Protection Film to ensure you get the extended warranty.

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