Create a Unique Atmosphere with Mid America Decorative Window Films in Kansas City

Want a distinctive look for your glass doors and windows? Perhaps you need more privacy, or you are hoping for an artistic touch that looks beautiful while saving energy. Regardless of your motivations, you’ve chosen the best resource for decorative window films in Kansas City. Mid America has the custom look and design you’ve been waiting for.

The Benefits of Custom Decorative Films

We have the ability to produce custom film products for almost any need or surface. We work with you to obtain the best design and product possible. Everything we do is “in house” so we can maximize lead times and ensure quality. Some of what we can do includes; custom frost films with perfectly smooth gradients, color and pattern matching, custom finishes and scratch resistant hardcoats, and more. Here are some of the types of decorative films available for your home or business:

  • Beautiful etched-glass and frost appearance films—without the typical costs.
  • Can convert your glass, wall, or almost any flat surface into a Dry Erase Surface.
  • Decorative tints disperse light softly, creating a luxurious, tranquil atmosphere in any room.
  • Anti-bacterial surfaces resist fingerprints and cut cleaning time and resources.
  • Mid America Window Tint Specialist can make your glass windows and doors unique.
  • Our specialized tints give any space a sense of privacy and serenity.

Take a look at our extensive photo gallery to see how striking your windows can be with the addition of custom decorative films. Then call us at 913.381.3533 for a free quote, or contact us by email at

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M-F 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Sat 8:30 to 3:30
Sun Closed.