Install a Security Window Film in Kansas City with Our Help

As a business owner, you prioritize your patrons’ and employees’ safety. While it’s not fun to think about catastrophes like natural disasters, accidents, or vandalism, planning for the future will help you protect the people in your office.

Enhance your business’ protection with security or safety window films in Kansas City. Whether you own a smallstorefront or a multi-level business park, you’ll rest easy knowing you, your patrons, and your employees will be safer in a disaster.

What Are Security and Safety Window Films?

Security window films give Kansas City buildings an extra layer of defense. In an impact, security window films hold your glass together to prevent glass shards from injuring anyone. They let light in while protecting your employees from a myriad of threats.

Similarly, if you choose safety window films for your Kansas City business, your fragile glass windows will become more shatter resistant in the event of a disaster or break-in. In the event of a severe storm or earthquake, your windows will absorb most high wind and seismic shocks.

Why Choose MidAmerica Tint?

Our tinting company specializes in installing quality window film, solar film, security film, low-E film, privacy, and decorative film. We’re happy to tint the windows in your business, home, car, or government building. When you work with us, you can choose from the following industry-leading brands:

  • V Kool
  • 3M Fasara
  • Hanita Tek
  • Sun Tek
  • Sun Gard
  • Madico
  • Infinite Optiks

We have been in business since 1983 and can handle any size of job. You can feelsafer knowing we offer a full warranty that covers our workmanship, window film, and replacement labor.

Take one more worry off your list and let us installsecurity or safety film in your business today. One callcan protect you from many of life’s unwanted disasters. Contact us at 913.381.3533 for a free quote, or email us at

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