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A vehicle with automotive tinting done in Kansas CityIf you’ve noticed that the summer heat makes your car feel and act like an oven, it’s time to find a real solution. Protect yourself and your car’s interior with a quality car window tinting in Kansas City. At Mid America, we have multiple solutions for the heat and harsh glare of the summer sun on your vehicle. Here are a few benefits to auto-glass tinting:

  • Be more comfortable when entering your car—even before the AC system kicks in.
  • Protect your car’s upholstery and dashboard from cracking and other sun damage.
  • Keep harmful UV rays from your skin and glare from your eyes while driving.
  • Enjoy a feeling of privacy and shield your valuable items from the glances of onlookers.
  • Protect and strengthen your automotive glass from potential damage or vandalism.
  • Feel more secure in your car.

Also Serving Kansas City, Leawood, Olathe, and the Surrounding Areas

When you want to protect your car for years to come, it’s important to choose the right type of window tint. As a Kansas City customer, your needs come first. Let Mid America tint specialists help you find the optimum shields for your auto glass, including the following top brands:

  • Llumar ATC Series (High-Performance Window Tint) For long-lasting looks that enhance both style and appearance
  • Llumar CTX Series (Non-metal, nano-hybrid ceramic construction) Maximum heat protection without blocking electronic signal transmission
  • InfinityOP™ (Sputtered, all-metal construction) Reflective exterior appearance that creates a “mirrored” look
  • Llumar Air Series (Clear Window Tint) Lightly-shaded tint that reduces heat but not visibility

Trust your car only to superior window treatment. Need more information on our auto tint products? Email us at, or get a free quote by calling 913.381.3533 today.

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