So how do our customer recognize us? Simple

We specialize in the professional installation of quality window film, solar film, safety film, security film, low-E film, privacy, and decorative film. We believe in total customer satisfaction, including a full warranty that backs up our workmanship, window film, and the replacement labor directly from the manufacturer.
We pride ourselves in being able to work with a client’s needs and offer solutions. That resolution translates into a home or office environment where you can enjoy the light and view through the windows without uncomfortable heat and glare.
You’ll welcome the peace of mind that comes from knowing your glass has been transformed into safety glass, able to absorb most high wind and seismic shocks. Our professional installation crew is prepared to carry out virtually any job, whether it is one bedroom window or thousands of windows in a major high-rise office building.
Since 1983, Mid America Window Tint Specialist has tirelessly solved the problems excessive heat creates for business and residential buildings and we also continue to offer remedies for the bleaching and fading effects of sunlight on furniture, artwork and carpeting. We thoroughly understand glass safety, keeping Kansas City Metropolitan Area buildings stronger in ‘tornado alley’.
Please contact one of our highly-trained representatives today and let us know how we may assist you.
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